Why Choose a Solventless Press?

There are two main methods used to extract essential oils from the flower and the chosen method will greatly affect the safety, overall yield, level of purity and texture of your finished product. Extraction using solvents like alcohol, butane, CO2 or propane can be dangerous and will likely leave residual solvents in your finished product. In stark contrast, the use of a solventless rosin press is a less expensive process that will yield a safer, cleaner and highly concentrated essential oil with no contaminants.

So, why choose a solventless press? Although there’s currently little research on small batch oil production techniques, the potential danger of other methods is well documented. With the very real concern presented by residual solvents from the manufacturing process, the use of solvents should be avoided. Instead, many knowledgeable rosin connoisseurs with a desire for quality essential oils choose the less expensive, more effective solventless press method to easily produce a safe, risk-free concentration.

Consider a portable, at-home rosin press set-up as an ideal operation for personal consumption. Making your own extracts is easy and safe using a solventless rosin press. Paired with a scale and kief press or pollen press, you will have the basic tools needed to begin extracting your own high-quality rosin.

The Organic, Holistic Approach

Just like the food we eat and the products we use for personal care, you have the choice to use clean, organic, non-contaminated rosin for an aholistically enjoyable end product. A quality rosin press gives you precise, repeatable results for a clean and potent extract. In fact, the potency is equal to or stronger than that of product manufactured with unnecessary solvents. Those who choose solventless extracts avoid the risk of inhaling or otherwise ingesting potentially harmful chemical residues.

Making Rosin at Home

A rosin press works by applying pressure and heat over a precise amount of time to liquify the contents of flower or other raw material that comes out as a sort of sticky wax or rosin. Choosing the right solventless rosin press can seem confusing with all of the new companies popping up here and there. Here are recommendations to help you choose the best at-home solventless press to achieve an unrivaled and repeatable yield, time after time:

  • Temperature Control to adjust to the quality and density of your raw material.
  • Adjustable Pressure Plates are recommended to accommodate different materials and quantities.
  • Timer with Open/Close Activation to easily track time and keep records for repeatable results.
  • User Ease is a must for minimal effort that will give you a maximum yield.
  • Small, Portable and Lightweight equipment will fit in with any lifestyle with easy set-up and storage.

MyPress Solventless for Industry Standard Yields with Minimal Effort

There is no easier way to make your own rosin at home than with the MyPress Solventless’ My Rosin Press. Our cutting-edge personal rosin press was designed from the ground up to give you the most convenient, efficient, and time-saving extractions with industry standard results. Priced affordably, the MyPress Solventlessline of products is a worthwhile investment for small batch rosin enthusiasts. Give us a call at (720) 432-2332 or click here for more information about our superior personal rosin press.

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