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MyPress Solventless’ Unique Timer Feature

Rosin connoisseurs look to the MyPress Solventless Rosin Press as the example for safe extraction and excellent results. One of the vital and unique features offered by My Rosin Press is the open climbing, count-up timer that activates as soon as the press plates effortlessly close.

Why is our automatic timer so important to the results? Because it tracks press times with precision. 

Achieve Optimum Yields with Ease

The timer on My Rosin Press faces the operator, allowing for optimal ease of use. The control records the pressing time to the second. Activated by the closing of the plates, the timer instantly begins to count-up.

The timer pauses when the plates are opened. It automatically resets to zero when the plates are shut again. This functionality allows you to track and monitor your extractions with expert precision, while fine-tuning your process to obtain the perfect balance of yield, aroma, and flavor.

With this unique function, you are assisted in recording your material-specific results and later repeating your process. Remember to keep the plates closed through the heating cycle to make the process quick, and the results satisfying, aromatic, and aesthetically pleasing.

How to Use MyPress Timer

From start to finish, the steps in this process are as follows:

  • Plug in the My Rosin Press.
  • Allow 6-12 minutes for MyPress to heat up.  
  • Press your materials.
  • Let the machine cool down (~20 mins).

From the moment your unit arrives and you plug it in, you’ll love the effortlessness of this process. The count-up timer feature takes the timekeeping effort off your mind while you focus on the outcome: high yields of extraordinary quality. 

Timing Is Everything

My Rosin Press is as light, compact, and discreet as a countertop coffee maker. And most important of all, it makes a phenomenal rosin. The three key factors in extracting oil safely — without solvents — are heat, pressure, and time. Consider the time factor and the way it achieves your desired outcome. 

Your optimal pressing time will depend on your starting material and your plate temperature. So, for each starting material, record your notes to consistently obtain your perfect blend of flavor and yield.

For a new flower, a good starting point is 90 seconds, locked press at 220, after letting the upper plate apply weight to warm the flower 10 – 15 seconds before locking, then slowly, easily closing the plates. Beginning with slow warming of the material makes for an effective extraction process and best results.

With its plates locked, My Rosin Press applies the equivalent of 6 tons of weight, requiring minimal human effort to get it into the locked position. It’s user-friendly, it’s portable, and it gives you the ability to produce industry-standard yields in the privacy of your own home. It’s the built-in timer that allows you easily determine the optimal press time.

Let Us Help You with Your Pressing Needs

We pride ourselves on our warranty protection coupled with outstanding customer service. Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page, or simply give us a call at (720) 432-2332.

Explore what the best rosin press available can do for you! 

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