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Why Consistent Temperature Matters When Pressing Rosin

Consistent Temperature Improves Final Product

The first rosin press were hair straighteners with no consistent temperature controls and only offered yields of 5-10 percent. The industry has come a long way, and commercial products are light years ahead of such DIY alternatives.

The advanced technology utilized in the MyPress Rosin Press has been a game-changer for consumers.  A smooth, consistent temperature and precise heat exchange remain a foundational principle of rosin extraction when you’re seeking repeatability of your results, and that requires a product that will not overexpose the flower or degrade the oil. These are some of the concerns associated with poor quality presses.

  • Weak housing may bend or warp under the necessary high pressures.
  • Uneven plates may cause lead to uneven heating and reduced/compromised production.
  • Poorly crafted presses cause inconsistent results due to variables and factors that are left uncontrolled and unconsidered.

The consistent heat provided by MyPress’s Rosin Press is vital to extracting a quality result. For press users to gain the oil they desire, their device must provide a high level of control. When extracting from flower, 220° F is recommended to press rosin for approximately 90 seconds. Various materials will require more or less time, and it’s best to let yours tell you what it needs by experimenting with different times and temps.

Rosin Press Temperature Cool Down

MyPress offers a wide range of safety features that outpace others in the market, and it is designed to shut down after 45 minutes in case you forget to power it down. The plates will generally reach room temperature within an hour after shutting down.

Purchase MyPress for Personal Rosin Pressing Today

Today, MyPress Solventless in Colorado offers professional-grade rosin presses for use at home that provides a consistent temperature designed to maximize your extraction results. While early efforts to pull oil from flower helped to inspire today’s technological advancements, the MyPress. Rosin Press delivers exceptional heating efficiency.

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