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Tips and Tricks for Pressing Rosin

The beauty of using a personal, portable press from MyPress Solventless is that you can experiment and adjust press-to-press to create the perfect results for your needs. Pressing flower rosin has come a long way since the days when people had to use hair straighteners or other “creative,” but much less consistent, solutions. If you’re new to home extraction and want to avoid a lot of trial and error, or if you’re looking to improve your results, here are some tips and tricks to help with just that.

1. Quality In, Quality Out

High-quality rosin requires a high-quality product from the very beginning. You’re not going to get excellent rosin from low quality, or overly dried starting products. Whenever a customer experiences issues with their oil from the MyPress Solventless portable rosin press, the concern is typically found to begin with the material being pressed. The quality of the rosin you’re pressing begins in the garden. 

The growing style of the flowers does not tend to make a big difference in the rosin (soil vs. hydroponic, etc.). However, a lot of people put stock in hybrids and indica’s for a better rosin yield. Strong crop genetics is a big factor and the grower’s attention to detail and craftsmanship can all play a factor in the final flavor, quality, and yield of your product. 

2. Freshness Matters when Pressing Rosin!

It’s essential to squish your flowers when they’re nice and fresh to get the best results. As soon as they are cured, you’ll want to be running your MyPress Solventless for the best pressing results. If you wait too long and the product begins to dry, the rosin that results from pressing will be subpar. 

3. Humidity Impacts Rosin Yields

The humidity and specific moisture content of the product you’re pressing can have a significant impact on rosin yields. This is pretty simple science. If your flower is too dry, the oil will be less expressable during the liquefaction process. The optimal range for running the MyPress Solventless rosin press is when the flowers are between 55 and 62 percent specific humidity. Investing in an inexpensive digital hygrometer, to assist with this determination, can make a big impact on the yield, quality, and consistency of your rosin extractions. 

4. Cold Pressing vs. Hot Pressing Rosin for the Oils You Want

With an effective temperature range of 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the portable MyPress Solventless rosin press is capable of both traditional cold pressing and hot pressing rosin oils. 

  • Cold Pressing Rosin: 160 to 190 F, pressed from one to five minutes or longer, results in batter-like consistency and greater preservation of present terpenes, but sometimes lower yields by weight as well.
  • Hot Pressing Rosin: 190 to 220 F, pressed from 45 seconds to three minutes, results in oily consistency, rich preservation, and increased yields

It all depends on your desired result. The MyPress Solventless has an easy-to-use digital display that allows precision temperature and time control. The LCD display allows you to record and track the process, so when you obtain the desired result that is perfect for your needs, you can reproduce the results every time. You can fine-tune the adjustments to press your preferred rosin.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, the MyPress Solventless is portable, attractive, and easy to use. You can attain industry-standard rosin yields with this attractive appliance that will look right at home on your kitchen counter — no solvents required! In addition to a lifetime warranty, we offer many accessories and products for all your rosin pressing needs. Call us today at 720-432-2332 with any questions or to order your first MyPress Solventless rosin press.

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