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MyPress Rosin Press was engineered and designed expressly for the purpose of solventlessly extracting high-quality essential oils. My Rosin Press incorporates a open-climb timer, and real-time digital temperature readings allowing you to quickly and efficiently determine the best conditions for extracting your material’s maximum potential. My Rosin Press is easy-to-use, lightweight, and delivers excellent results.

The plate size is 3”×3”.

We spent a lot of time experimenting to find the strongest most durable material we could for our press. Ultimately we chose to construct the Axiom plates from food-grade Stainless Steel. While we were initially interested in other materials, we determined that they simply couldn't withstand the pressures, time after time...year after year. We found that other materials deform due to the high pressures, slowly resulting in decreasing pressure, and finally, irreparable deformations to the plates.

Additionally, stainless steel acts to hold the necessary heat consistently, for a longer duration of time, meaning you can complete press after press, without having to wait. As long as you’re ready to press, My Rosin Press will keep up.

Height: Open – 16″x10.5″ x 8.5″ Closed – 11.5″x10.5″x8.5″; Depth: 10.5"; Width 8.5" My Rosin Press is lightweight (about 12 pounds), portable (12” tall) and doesn’t require an air compressor or hand-pump.

Proudly designed and engineered in Colorado, manufactured by our team in China.

Your safety is our priority. My Rosin Press is carefully designed to protect the operator from heat or incidental damage. Safety features of MyPress include:

  • The included adjustment wrench allows you to keep your hands clear of the heated plates while MyPress Rosin Press is hot.
  • Silicon feet to protect against slipping on any surface
  • Air insulated housing to protect you and your surfaces from heat no matter how long you press.
  • Automatically powers down 45 minutes after last use
  • Electrically grounded plates and frame.
  • The unit will power on in safe mode, and the screen will remind you to close the plates after 60 seconds to help you retain the necessary heat.
  • My Rosin Press will automatically power down after 45 minutes from last activity.

The amount of bolt thread visible above the pressure adjusting nut should never exceed 0.35. Exceeding this measurement during operation can damage the unit.

  • Retrieve the wrench tool located on the back of the unit.
  • Place the unit into the fully open position (handle up).
  • Raise the top plate completely by rotating the Adjusting Nut counterclockwise until it stops.
  • Lower handle into the ‘closed and locked’ position.
  • Rotate the Adjusting Nut clockwise until the plates touch and the wrench resists further rotation.
  • If further adjustments are needed, we recommend adjusting the nut in ¼-turn increments.

Be careful not to over-tighten.

If you’d like to see how to re-calibrate pressure, click here to watch us do it!

  • For best results, press 1–1 ½ grams of flower. This will compress your flower to the proper thickness to allow efficient heat transfer, resulting in an optimal extraction.
  • 60–90 seconds at 220ºF is a good general setting, though this will require fine-tuning depending on your results. Record your material and results! Use this information to improve results and quality.
  • Note: When pressing kief or denser materials, adjust the plates up slightly for maximum efficiency. Locking My Rosin Press should feel effortless when “locking” the handle into downward position.
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No, the bottom plate is welded to the frame. This is for safety, as well as proper heat dissipation. Gotta protect those countertops, after all.

A good starting point for flower that you’re unfamiliar with is 220ºF pressed for 60–90 seconds in the locked position. We recommend letting the plates warm your material for 10-15 seconds, prior to locking, by allowing the weight of the upper plate to rest atop your starting material and then slowly closing applying minimal force. This will get the oils warmed and bring your material closer to its ideal extraction temperature range. Because the material is now warmer the extraction process is more efficient and allows for more favorable results.

Common rosin press temperature ranges for different materials:

  • 160º-180ºF: Powder, and denser materials.
  • 180º-220ºF: Flower
  • 220º-250ºF: Dated, dried, or lower quality material.

Read our blog to learn more about Time & Temperature Recommendations for Pressing Rosin

MyPress temperature range is from 100 - 250 ºF (37 - 121 ºC). You can adjust the temperature in increments of 10 ºF (~5.5 ºC). The LCD display can toggle between Fahrenheit to Celsius with a click of a button.

MyPress Rosin Press takes roughly 6-10 minutes, and it’s faster to keep the plates closed during a heating cycle. Once the desired temperature is reached, the LED light will turn green.

With the plates closed, your unit will fully cool to room temperature in about an hour. Do not leave My Rosin Press unattended during the cooling process!

  • My Rosin Press
  • 1- 1.5 Grams of Flower (Optimal quantity per press batch)
  • Parchment Paper (NOT wax paper)
  • Rosin Collecting Tool
  • Pollen Press (See how it works)
Read our step-by-step guide on How to Press Rosin here

It’s only when pressing finer materials (i.e. kif, sift, pollen, or bubble hash, etc.) that a press bag will become beneficial. As those materials are finer, and not in any way held together, they will have a higher potential of running with your oil during extraction making it more difficult to collect your fresh rosin afterward without plant matter.

When pressing materials other than flower, we recommend using 25-micron bags at most and keeping the dimensions of the bag smaller than the plates themselves. This micron count will prevent your materials from running with the freshly extracted rosin without adversely affecting your results.

Freshly extracted rosin will begin to oxidize quickly! The typical window of time in which monoterpenes will stay “fresh” post-extraction is approximately 72 hours at room temperature. This window can be extended to around a week if your rosin is stored in an airtight container to prevent moisture from contaminating your oil, and kept cool. After this time, the flavors and structure of your rosin will begin to deteriorate noticeably.

Pressing 1.5 grams or less will yield what you need for the next 24-36 hours; exactly the amount of time before your fresh, custom-tailored rosin can begin to degrade. Why risk overproducing and losing quality in your essential oil, when you can press only what you need, when you need it and have the freshest highest quality rosin every day?

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