Rosin Press Best Temp Range for Different Materials and its Effect on Yield and Consistency

The Effects of Rosin Press Best Temperature Range and Time:

When determining the pressing time and temperature there are several variables to consider. The most important thing to remember when pressing rosin is that you have control over many of them. You can affect each one per the settings on your Press to attain any personally desired outcome. Below are some important factors one may wish to consider before pressing:

  • The quality of your starting material will directly influence the potentials of your final product.
  • Higher temperatures generally result in a greater yield, with a subdued flavor profile.
  • Lower temperatures generally help maintain desirable flavor profiles with a relative decrease in potential yields.
  • Your starting material’s specific moisture can influence the consistency of the oil and potential yields.
  • Pressing times vary depending on, among other things, starting material and plate temperature.
  • For each starting material, we recommend experimenting and recording your notes for future reference. This will allow you to consistently achieve what is most desirable for you, be it: heightened flavor, larger yield, or a careful balance of both.

A good starting point for flower that you’re unfamiliar with is 220℉ pressed for 60 seconds in the locked position. We recommend letting the plates warm your material for 10-15 seconds, prior to locking, by allowing the weight of the upper plate to rest atop your starting material and then slowly closing applying minimal force. This will get the oils warmed and bring your material closer to its ideal extraction temperature range. Because the material is now warmer the extraction process is more efficient and allows for more favorable results.
MyPress’ operating temperature ranges are 100℉ to 250℉ (37℃ – 121℃). MyPress’ LCD display can toggle between Fahrenheit to Celsius with a click of a button.


Pressing Rosin Infographic

Common rosin press temperature ranges for different materials:

  • 160º-180ºF: Powder, and denser materials.
  • 180º-220ºF: Flower
  • 220º-250ºF: Dated or lower quality material.
  • The quality of your starting material will directly influence your final product.

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