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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Hair Straightener for a Rosin Press

DIY rosin enthusiasts, looking online for the best method to extract quality flower concentration with a high yield, are sure to have come across some questionable alternatives for producing small batches. While some may be tempted to extract their own person rosin supply with a hair straightener, this mostly uncharted territory begs these two questions: Is luck on your side? And, is it worth the risk of possibly ruining such an expensive ingredient with an implement designed for styling hair? The simple answer is no.

There are so many other safe, application-specific presses to achieve solventless rosin extraction that will maximize your product’s potential to produce highly desirable essential oils with medicinal benefits. Serious DIY rosin enthusiasts understand the disappointing results of using a hair straightener. Here are the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use a hair straightener for a rosin press (and why you should be using MyPress).

Temperature Control

Hair Straightener

Even with a digital temperature display on a hair straightener, the temperature control will be approximate and that will affect your yield amount. Not only that, but flat irons do not distribute heat equally across the plates, causing hot spots. An unacceptable side effect is that you may end up with crunchy flowers and no oil to show for it.


Temperature is evenly distributed between two plates on the MyPress and features an easy-to-read LED display. With precision control of the applied temperature, you can bridle the exact temperature needed in 10-degree increments. Proprietary functionality offers efficient monitoring to track the best results and fine-tune adjustments, as needed, for the best yield. The easy-to-use MyPress gives you the potential to achieve industry-specific standards by monitoring, controlling, and improving your results. Depending on your starting material, temperature ranges for your rosin press will vary with density and quality:

  • 180° – 220°F for Flower
  • 160° – 180°F for Powder, and Denser Materials
  • 220° – 250°F for Dated or Lower-Quality Material

The MyPress LCD can easily toggle between Fahrenheit to Celsius with operating temperatures ranging from 100℉ to 250℉ (37℃ – 121℃) – all with the click of a button.

Applied Pressure

Hair Straightener

Using an everyday beauty supply tool to apply the necessary pressure, for an actual yield is ad-lib, at best. Pressure is measured by pounds per square inch (PSI) and hand strength can vary greatly by age and gender. Many unconventional and unsafe methods can be found online. Some people will recommend standing on your hair straightener for 10 – 15 seconds, repeated 2 or 3 times to yield results. But, you will likely break it and may not be able to apply enough pressure and end up wasting your product or yielding very little.


At 13 pounds, MyPress utilizes two high-strength, stainless steel plates that pack a whopping 6 tons of pressure. There are several different factors to consider for optimal pressure. From material type, humidity, density, and the age of the material; each condition should be taken into account to determine the ideal pressure setting. MyPress alleviates sore shoulders and wrists with easy close and lock features that require a gentle application. MyPress is sturdy, compact, and efficient.

Overall Value

Hair Straightener

Depending on the value and quality of your starting material, you may experience serious heartburn from the lack of yield you receive from using a hair straightener as a rosin press. Whatever the amount of savings you get from purchasing a hair straightener in the beginning, you will always wish you had invested in a rosin press to produce a better, repeatable yield, time after time.


MyPress Solventless is an incredible value to benefit growers, patients, and customers with an effective and convenient rosin extraction method. MyPress features include:

  • Small, Lightweight, and Portable
  • Adjustable Temp with Easy-to-Read Display
  • Adjustable Plate Distance
  • Front Facing Timer with Open/Close Activation
  • Minimal Effort to Lock Into Position
  • NO Solvents Needed!

MyPress Solventless is the Ultimate Solution

Evolved with a desire to provide everyone with a high-quality, solventless way to create their own oil, MyPress Solventless was designed from the ground up to give you optimal press results with the easiest, most affordable personal rosin press available. Click here or give us a call at 720-606-6832 to find out more or if you have any questions, we are here to help!

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