Rosin Chips: What to do with them?

Rosin chips here, rosin chips there, rosin chips everywhere!

If you’ve been pressing for a while, or are just getting started, you’ve probably begun to gather a sizable collection of post-processed rosin chips. If you’re not, that means you’re throwing them away. Before you do so, consider the following. Even though rosin chips are the byproduct of pressing flower into rosin, there’re still valuable oils remaining in the rosin chip that you can recover.

We recommend using those chips to make other desirable oils. Considering heat is one of the variables involved in pressing rosin with your My Rosin Press, your rosin chip is partially activated. Check out the link below to see one suitable option that will finish the decarboxylation process by extracting what’s left of the rosin chips with coconut oil.

More ideas on utilizing rosin chips

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