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5 Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of Rosin Concentrate

The use of a solventless rosin press is by far the most natural, holistic method to separate rosin from flower without the use of solvents. Every aspect of your extraction process from the quality and type of material, the temperature and pressure used, and storage will affect the purity, yield, and shelf life of your rosin.

What is the Shelf-life for Pressed Rosin?

The typical window for fresh rosin is approximately 72 hours at room temperature before freshness will begin to degrade. There are different storage methods that will help delay deterioration and extend rosin’s shelf life. Here are our top 5 rosin press shelf life tips.

Avoid Moisture and Heat

Leaving rosin out at room temperature will only give you 3 days of freshness. After that, oxidation kicks in and starts to deteriorate the integrity and diminish flavor. Simply keep in mind that high moisture and heat environments are post-pressed concentrates’ enemies. Cool, dry environments are rosin’s best friends and will promote longevity. 

Use an Air-Tight Container to extend the shelf-life of rosin

By putting your concentrates in an airtight container, you can extend the shelf life to a week for short-term preservation. An air-tight silicone or medical-grade glass container will help prevent contamination from ambient moisture and slow oxidation. While using this storage method helps, you can slow deterioration even further when you combine it with winterizing.

Vacuum Seal for Ultimate Shelf Life

Many small-batch growers, patients, and rosin enthusiasts highly recommend a vacuum seal method for storing rosin for longer periods of time. If you want well preserved, fresh rosin on hand, but don’t want to use your rosin press every day, long-term storage in vacuum-sealed bags used in combination with a winterizing process is the ideal solution. Canning is another option, simply fold the rosin into parchment paper, place it in a small canning jar, vacuum seal, and store it in the freezer.

Winterizing Suggestions

Winterizing rosin concentrates is essentially keeping it cool in the fridge or a cool, dark cupboard. Here are a few suggestions for winterizing post-pressed rosin: 

  • Use an Air-Tight Container or vacuum-sealed bag.
  • Avoid Harsh Temperatures at or below -5°F.
  • Thaw to Room Temperature before opening to prevent condensation.
  • Keep or Transfer thawed rosin to an air-tight container.

Previously frozen rosin must be protected in an airtight container to avoid prolonged open air, light, heat, and moisture exposure.

Low Temp Pressing

Making rosin at home is a worthwhile investment for small-batch, industry-quality results. Extending preservation is important to increase the shelf life of your precious concentrations. When you are planning to store your rosin long-term, make sure you follow low temp pressing recommendations to ensure integrity and flavor and avoid a sappy consistency. The quality of your starting material will directly influence your final product.

Make Quality Rosin at Home with MyPress

Designed from the ground up with a desire to provide everyone with a high-quality, solventless way to make their own rosin at home, MyPress is the easiest and most affordable personal rosin press available on the market today. Give us a call at 720-432-2332 for more information about our time-saving, convenient solventless rosin press.

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