Rosin Pressing & Terpenes

Terpenes and Rosin Pressing

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic molecules with therapeutic properties that are secreted from a plant’s trichome glands. Terpenes give Organic materials their distinct smell, flavor profile, and purported medicinal benefits. Rosin pressing at specific temperatures is one of the most effective ways of extracting high quality oil while maintaining the best possible retention-rate of your flower’s terpene content.

Terpene Profiles

Flower that is exposed to high temperatures for too long tends to produce a rosin that is dark and subject to a loss of terpenes. Different types of terpenes can degrade at different temperatures. Monoterpenes are fairly resistant to rapid, temperature-based degradations affected by the pressing process. However, their counterparts, referred to as Sesquiterpenes, are far more delicate and subject to degradation and damage at much lower heats and times. MyPress provides a precision temperature control, enabling connoisseurs to achieve impressive yields of phenomenal character.

Some of the sought-after terpenes include;

  • Myrcene (Monoterpene): found in strains such as White Widow, and also found in a brewer’s hops and the essential oils of citrus fruits, benefits blood circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibiotic properties.
  • A sesquiterpene found in hops is humulene. This highly aromatic terpene eases hunger pangs and lends its spiced overtones to Skywalker OG.
  • The mood-enhancing monoterpene limonene can be found in strains such as OG Kush and also in citrus rinds, peppermint, rosemary…and catnip!
  • The hint of cloves in OG Kush derives from the monoterpene terpineol, an element found in pine-needles, and also sought after by makers of cosmetics. 
  • Valencene (Sesquiterpene) – yes, same as Valencia oranges, and associated with the Tangie strain – has a citrusy flavor profile.  
  • Stress-reducing linalool (monoterpene) lends its soothing notes to Purple Kush, G-13, and many spices and flowers.
  • Earthy alpha-pinene and hoppy beta-pinene, such as found in the Jack Herer strain, raise mental awareness and improve focus. 

Tips for Getting the Highest Level of Terpenes when Pressing Rosin

  • Be sure to start out with high-quality flower for the pressing process. Remember, “Fire In, Fire Out”
  • The very best time to press is right after the flower has been dried and cured. This will be when the material has had the least time to dehydrate or oxidize and, when cured well, will have high manifestations of terpenes.
  • Use a directional fold method for making your pouches to maximize yield and minimize waste of your rosin. This will make collecting the rosin easier and maintain your terpene profile. Watch our video to see how to fold a directional pouch here
  • A “loose and fast” though typically helpful rule to remember is, “Lower temps over time, you’ll get better flavor with a slightly reduced yield. Higher temps over time will give higher yields with reduced flavor presentation.”
  • Keep track of your temperature and pressing times to fine-tune your own process for maximum potency and yields. For truly luxurious concentrates, use care not to burn out terpenes and their smooth and fragrant appeal. 
  • Cool your rosin efficiently to preserve its terpene profile post-extraction by placing the parchment paper on an item removed from your freezer. (Avoid placing the rosin in the freezer, as this will tend to integrate unwanted moisture due to condensation onto the final product. Oil and water are not friends!

After you have followed these tips, collect the result from the parchment paper As the press extracts rosin with no need for solvents, the terpene spectrum comes through intact and unadulterated. No synthetic hydrocarbons or gross” chemical-taste” residues will be present in your finished product. You’ll have the perfect balance of potency and clean, aromatic essence, enhancing the entourage effects.

MyPress Solventless Rosin Press

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