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How Much Pressure is Needed to Make Rosin?

Many people in the rosin community operate under the misguided impression that high-capacity large plates along with huge amounts of pressure are the most effective methods to achieve higher rosin yields. However, the aromatic terpenes and bright yellow collar associated with outstanding rosin is best achieved in smaller batches. The reason is simple. The material in smaller batches spends less time in contact with the heat.

Pressure – The Misunderstood, Vital Ingredient

When making rosin, pressure matters. Many things affect the amount of pressure required to generate optimal results. The list includes many things, including:

  • Material types (bubble, shake, flower, etc.)
  • Humidity
  • Quality of grow
  • Cure method
  • Age of material

The real secret to success in making rosin is identifying and understanding the ideal pressure “sweet spot” for each of the conditions mentioned above.

Getting the pressure just right is equal parts art and form. Don’t place all the pressure on your material for the first 10 seconds. Simply press down until it touches – just enough to warm the material. After the initial 10 seconds, then you lock the press and allow it to press for a full 60 seconds.

We believe, thanks to countless conversations with customers and quite a bit of anecdotal evidence, that the optimal range for pressing rosin is somewhere between 300 and 1000 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure, at the bag.

Adjusting Pressure with the MyPress Solventless Rosin Press

The great thing about MyPress is that it practically does all the work for you. We’ve designed it to work like a vice-grip wrench. You should feel satisfied that the handle is closed once you place it in the locked position. While it doesn’t exactly “fall” into place, you shouldn’t have to muscle it into position either. It is designed to work for you. Not against you.

Take the time, when you first receive your MyPress to lock it into place without materials before adding any material. This way you’ll know what the process should feel like once you do add material into the mix. You’ll want to experience the same satisfying experience once you make any adjustments to plate height.

If you need any assistance adjusting re-calibrating pressure, this handy video guide walks you through the entire process.

Getting the pressure right when making rosin has a huge impact on the overall quality of the finished product. Fortunately for you, the MyPress takes a lot of work out of the process and comes in a convenient size that is easy to operate and easy to move.

Don’t wrestle with an oversized press that delivers inferior results. Contact us today by calling 720-432-2332 to learn more about the benefits of MyPress Solventless or to purchase a rosin press of your very own.


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