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What You Need to Know About Micron Screen Bags for Pressing Rosin

Everyone Keeps Telling Me to Use Micron Bags! When Should I Use Them?

A benefit of pressing smaller weights than commercial extractions is that you can do away with press bags when pressing flower. The natural structure of the flower will keep the majority of your flower together and prevent it from running with your oil. It’s only when pressing finer materials (i.e. kief, sift, pollen, or bubble hash, etc.) into rosin that a press bag will become beneficial because these materials are loose and fine. Pressing fine materials without a screen bag increases the risk of running with your oil during extraction, making it more difficult to collect your fresh rosin afterward without plant matter.

When pressing fine materials, we recommend using 25-micron bags at most and keeping the dimensions of the bag smaller than the plates themselves. This micron count will prevent your materials from running with the freshly extracted rosin without adversely affecting your results.

With the design of your press, your material will be compressed into the proper shape and thickness to maximize heat transfer through your material and result in the best possible extraction. We recommend pressing one to four grams (1-4 grams) of bubble or kief in one press. Adjust your plates upwards by rotating the adjusting nut to your right (counterclockwise) about 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Lower your temps and increase your times, start at 190ºF for 120 seconds. This will increase your achievable yields and ensure the life of your press for years to come!

Select Quality Rosin Micron Bags

Selecting a premium rosin micron bag, specifically designed for pressing rosin, will be the ideal cost-saving solution to extract valuable oil from very fine materials. The mesh acts as a filter during the pressing process to separate plant material for the essential oil. A high-quality micron screen bag

Is made of nylon mesh and comes in different micron units (µ) to suit a variety of raw materials. Press bags made of silk are more prone to result in a blowout.  

When choosing micron screen bags, make sure you go with quality over quantity. Your micron bags should feature the following to give you the best bang for your buck:

  • Heat & Pressure Resistant – for upwards of 400°F, although the recommended heat is between 180-220°F.
  • Food-Grade & Dye Free – ensures the highest quality, chemical, and solvent-free materials are used in manufacturing.
  • Durability – Quality stitched press bags are designed to withstand the maximum pressure of your at-home rosin press.


How to Use a Micron Screen Bag

Prepare your micron press bag while you are preheating your rosin press to your desired temperature. MyPress Solventless Micron Screen Bags are shipped in a resealable bag for storage and cleanliness. The 25µMicron bag, used for small or fine material, should be loaded firmly but not tight with 1-4 grams. Fold the opening over and gently shape the bag like a pillow. Place this between parchment paper before loading onto the plates (checkout our directional folded parchment paper video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFj9_nqtkCI). Now you’re ready to press!


Avoid Blowouts During Pressing

Most of the time applying too much pressure too fast can cause blowouts. Using a longer pre-press method for fine materials, dry sift or bubble will help the heat begin to radiate and melt the material gradually. Another common mistake that may lead to breakage or a blowout occurs when the bag is overfilled.


Pre-press by gently laying the top plate onto the press sack for about 20 seconds with minimal applied force, then apply full pressure by locking the plates into place. Keep an eye on the display to monitor your time, this type of press will take about 90-150 seconds (at 190°F) in addition to pre-press time.


Everything You Need to Make Quality Rosin at Home

MyPress Solventless is the best, easy to use at-home solventless rosin press system. From novice to professional, our cutting-edge rosin press along with the best accessories including our specially designed 25u micron size bags to help you produce industry-standard yields with minimal effort. Give us a call at 720-432-2332 or click here for more information about our superior micron screen press bags for extracting high-quality rosin with accurate, repeatable results, time after time.


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