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MyPress Solventless Rosin Press on the go

For those looking for a high-quality rosin press, the MyPress is a portable machine that produces great dabs. It’s lightweight, so you can pack it up in the car with your luggage if you have to go out of town or decide to take a low-stress road trip with a few friends. It’s a good idea to keep it on hand at all times so that you can take advantage of great raw product as soon as you press it. The MyPress extracts as much rosin as possible through a high-tech process of applied heat and pressure that you can control precisely.

6-Ton Press You Can Carry

MyPress weighs 13 pounds, so it has some heft to it, but you wouldn’t expect to easily be able to fit a 6-ton press in your backpack. The stainless-steel plates apply six tons of pressure for maximum extraction capability. However, you can control the process. You can adjust the pressure to facilitate a precisely controlled extraction process so that your rosin meets your specific needs.

High-Quality Rosin

Rosin is produced through a mechanical process of pressure and heat. You don’t need any expertise to operate it and obtain botanical extractions. MyPress uses heat to melt the domes off base materials to get to resin-rich sap that’s captured onto parchment paper. Just scrape the concentrate off your parchment paper to collect the waxy residue that’s ready to dab.

Easy to Operate

The MyPress is easy to operate and you won’t strain a muscle or break a sweat getting it closed and locked with your product secured between the heated stainless-steel plates. Once the plates are locked, let this fantastic equipment process while you wait. This is a great idea for a Friday night to de-stress from the week and get ready to have some time to yourself.

Maximum Yield with No Solvents Needed

To maximize your yield, MyPress provides a wide temperature range of 100-250 (37°C -121°C ) so you can experiment until you get the best results. Get ready for a larger yield, heightened aroma, and perfect balance. With this powerful press, you won’t need to use unhealthy solvents to extract every drop of rosin by choosing the right press to save you time, effort and wasted product.

Canada’s Favourite Portable Rosin Press

Shipping to Canada is available at the applicable shipping rates with duties and taxes already included. All orders ship within two business days once your payment is processed. To calculate the total cost, add products to your cart, fill out your shipping information, and pick a delivery method. The total cost is then displayed. 

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