Stainless Steel T-Handle Pollen Press

The Benefits of “Pre-Pucking” for Pressing Rosin

Pre-pucking flower with a pollen press will make the process of the collection after extracting Rosin much easier to accomplish. Pre-forming your starting materials into a puck prior to pressing rosin is ideal to maintain consistency throughout your starting materials for increased repetition of results and smoother overall production with the best possible yield. Serious at-home rosin connoisseurs understand the importance of having the proper tools for the job. A digital scale, pollen press, and well-built rosin press will give you maximum results with minimal effort.

How to Use a Stainless-Steel T-Handle Pollen Press

The following instructions detail 6 easy-to-follow steps for the MyPress Solventless 100% stainless steel T-handle pollen press that comes included in our Deluxe Package or offered independently.

  1. For optimal results, start by weighing your material on a digital scale (we suggest a scale that measures to the tenths place value, at a minimum) to ensure you produce repeatable, high-quality extracts – time after time.1 – 1.5 Grams is the recommended amount for each press.
  2. Open the press cylinder by unscrewing the end cap that contains the T-handle.
  3. Load approximately 1 – 1.5 grams of material into the chamber. Do not grind your flower ahead of time as this can potentially reduce your yield; simply put your product right into the T-press.
  4. Reattach the T-Handle end cap by screwing it back in place
  5. Gently twist the T-handle to compress your material. Do so clockwise until you reach a natural, satisfying stopping point. There is no need to continue twisting after a natural stop. Be mindful that in this step you are only attempting to form your material for consistency, you are not trying to pack it as tightly as possible.6.     To remove the puck of now formed material, unscrew and remove the bottom end cap. Continue twisting the T-handle clockwise until the formed puck is pushed clear of the cylinder and can be easily removed in one piece.

Pressing Your Puck in the MyPress Solventless Press

Preheat and Puck

After pre-forming your material into a puck, it is time to press using your MyPress Solventless Rosin Press. For initial presses, heat your plates using the suggested temperatures listed below for the material type you’re using:

o   180° – 220°F for Flower

o   160° – 180°F for Powder, and Denser Materials

o   220° – 250°F for Dated or Lower-Quality Material

It takes 6-12 minutes to preheat My Rosin Press to 220°F. When heating My Rosin Press, keep handle down and plates closed to increase efficiency and reduce time.

Press Pouch

Place your preformed puck between non-stick parchment paper. With just a few quick folds at the edges of your pouch, you can make collecting rosin easier. For helpful instructions and tips watch this YouTube video.

Slow Press Method

Place packet on the bottom plate and allow the weight of top plate to rest on your puck, gently apply manual downward pressure for 10-20 seconds. This method will help to increase yield by raising your starting material closer to its best extraction temperature before pressure is applied by locking the plates closed. Now, monitor the results of your extraction. Once you have determined that you are happy with the resulting extraction, open plates and remove the packet. Record temperature and time for future repeatability of results. Lastly, cool and collect your rosin.

MyPress Solventless for the Discerning DIY Rosin Devotee

Patients, growers and customers alike all agree that for high-quality, high-yield rosin extract, you need the portable, convenient and time-saving MyPress Solventless Rosin Press. Priced affordably, the MyPress Solventless Rosin Press is a smart investment for rosin enthusiasts looking for exceptional quality small-batch results with minimal effort. Give us a call at (720) 432-2332 if you have any questions, or click here for more information about the amazing MyPress Solventless Rosin Press.

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