MyPress Rosin Press Deluxe Package

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MyPress Solventless Rosin Press Deluxe Package

The Best, Personal Rosin Press and Accessories available!

For safety, cost, and efficiency, rosin production is becoming the most widely accepted method of extraction. The MyPress Solventless Rosin Press Deluxe Package includes everything you need to make your own rosin with efficiency and convenience. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, this cutting-edge, personal rosin press features:

Easy • Portable • Lightweight • Efficient

  • NO Solvents Needed!
  • Compact, Lightweight & Portable
  • Includes Lifetime Warranty!
  • Easy-to-Use Functions & Features
  • Little Effort to Exert 6 Tons of Pressure!
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature Control & Plates
  • Front-Facing Timer
  • Produces Industry-Standard Yields
  • Fits on your kitchen counter, or in a Backpack!

The MyPress Solventless Rosin Press Deluxe Package Includes:

(1x) My Rosin Press with Lifetime Warranty
(1x) 6″ Stainless Steel Skilletool HoneyBun Dab Tool
(1x) MyPress Silicone Mat set (2 pcs., 10” & 6″)
(10x) MyPress 25-Micron Rosin Press Bags
(10x) 8g 62% Boveda Humidity Regulation packets

Additional Information about The MyPress Solventless Rosin Press

Pressure: 6 Tons
Temp range: 100°F – 250°F (37°C – 121°C)
Temp increments of 10°F (~5.5°C)
Digital counter: 0-9999 seconds
Heating & cooling indicator LEDs
Voltage: 110v
Power: 1A/120W
Plate size: 3” x 3”
Axiom Plate Material: Stainless Steel
Frame Material: Hot-Rolled Steel
Weight: 12.9 lbs
Dimensions: height – 11.5”, depth – 10.5”, width – 8.5”

Availability: In stock

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“No more sore shoulders and wrists or burnt fingers from pressing with a hair straightener.”

The MyPress Rosin Press is a portable, lightweight, and personal rosin press designed from scratch in Colorado. Our custom 3×3 stainless steel Axiom plates deliver even heat across the plates. MyPress has an easy-to-read, operator-friendly LCD interface with a simple button layout. Easily set and apply heat to the stainless steel Axiom Plates with temperatures ranging from 100° to 250° Fahrenheit (37°C – 121°C).

MyPress features a count-up timer, which halts counting when opened and resets from zero when closed again, allowing the operator to efficiently monitor the process, and fine-tune adjustments to realize the best yield or finest flavors. This proprietary functionality allows the operator to record and track the best starting material-specific results for later repetition. While the quality of starting material directly influences the end result, MyPress will maximize your material’s potential. MyPress is easy to use, requires only gentle application of human force to close and lock the plates. MyPress is capable of industry-standard yields when used with quality starting materials.

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*Currently shipping to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

My Rosin Press
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Weight 12.6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in

MyPress Solventless


MyPress Solventless

34 reviews for MyPress Rosin Press Deluxe Package

  1. Singer

    Press came promptly and in great condition. Works perfectly and consistently. I’ve used it heavily already and am very happy with the capabilities of this press. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Lou Ann

    Phenomenal way to get extracts using a solventless extraction and very easy to operate. It just pops into place and watch and wait. Pre pressing seemed to really help the yields when squishing raw. I prefer more terpines over yields in my rosin. So I was playing with temperatures a little bit. Seems to do great at 180°f – 210°f. Always looking forward to pull out the press and squish something new. Super compact and easy to store away. I’ve always preferred a healthy way to do things. I see rosin as a more natural and healthy form of concentrate and am very happy to have purchased the My Press.

  3. Brian

    For the money you cant beat the product your getting I’ve been using mine for over a year now and still works like day 1…. great quality for a great price

  4. Librado

    I have My Rosin Press for almost a year. I love the the press works. It does a lot of things on it. The press makes good constancy and yeilds that i was surprised when i first got. Now I used it a lot. I send the press to My Rosin Press for upgrade. I can’t wait to send back to me. I want to say thank you to My Rosin Press they made a great press. I love it.

  5. Jíbaro

    Great customer service – Great results always

  6. Jerri Lundrigan

    I was concerned that the plstic housing would be flimsy. It is not. It feels serious and looks dandy wherever you set it. So far, it has perfomed exactly as expected. The customer support at MyRosinPress/MustacheDabs is above and beyond my highest expectations! For a personal sized press, I can’t imagine anything slicker than this machine. Also, the pollen press included is a quality item. I saw the RUFFHOUSEstudios review on youtube-you should too! Then, Just buy it!

  7. peanut

    Amazing little press ! Maybe one day I will get a 10 ton but this fits in a small space ! I was surprised on yield from decent quality stuff . 220 at 90 seconds seemed good!. Hopefully it lasts.. seemed high quality and not like a low end one ! I am very picky!I will update if anything happens and how the company handles it …

  8. Pamela Bahan

    Wish I would have known about this before now,I love it work’s great, it’s the only way to go , makes great wax and easy to use. Best tool ever

  9. Attila G

    I have wanted a rosin press for some time but been hesitant. I’ve been shopping around and doing research, I wanted to find the best press available. I ran into the My Press guy at a convention. He showed me his product and it blew my mind. The return from the press was amazing and it was effortless to initiate the press and it is about the size of a coffee maker. Needless to say I bought one and use it daily and love it more every day. If you are interested in solventless rosin press I would recommend My Press, You won’t find anything better.

  10. Amber

    Works like a charm This press performance is good, depending on product. Customer services is excellent . Overall a great press for personal usage.

  11. Rafael

    Perfect – The best on the market =)

  12. M. L. Ramsey

    !…legit, spectacular home rosin press
    pros – ease of use, solid build, fantastic support, portable, makes great rosin
    cons – not inexpensive but worth it

  13. Sheldon

    I liked the overall quality of the product.

  14. Stacey

    All you need is parchment paper and a pollen press for amazing yields on flower. I’ve haven’t had a yield under 20% and my highest recorded yield was 40-49% (my scale only does graduations of .1 g). I haven’t tried using bags yet, I’m going to use them for kief or maybe pressing out terps at low temps.YOU NEED a pollen press with this press to get big yields from flower, so buy one like I did and you will be set.

  15. Claire

    Simple to use. Instructions are great. I would add that you can press material more than once for a higher yield. I will press a couple flowers then crumble what has been used and repress all together at a higher heat for more product

  16. Pamela Bahan

    Best tool ever – Wish I would have known about this before now,I love it work’s great, it’s the only way to go , makes great wax and easy to use.

  17. Tim Little

    Play with it, I Like Everything about it

  18. Ken

    Easy to adjust temperature and clamping pressure. excellent results. A perfect way to access trusted and amazingly clean concentrate. I know where my material came from and the result produces the cleanest results I’ve ever had.

  19. Michael S Gallagher


  20. Ben

    Love this thing it saves me so much money it has already paid for itself

  21. Ant (“)(~.^)(“)

    -Came on time
    – Easy to use
    -comes with enough for a good start
    – Worth it

  22. Timothy Kessler

    Easy to use and feels very durable. Easily fits on a counter top. I used the provided adjustment tool to loosen it a little.

  23. Mel

    Makes canibus use easy. After smoking press, you gag and cough your head off trying to smoke regular bud. Pressing delivers an incredibly strong and very mild smooth smoke. What a different high. BIG IS NOT BETTER. Do not press over 1 gram, it wastes pot. I put my pucks in with my tincture to get every last bit out of my weed. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble with smoking weed.

  24. Johnny Montana

    I am not a technical person or an experienced rosin presser. However, I was able to take the MyPress out of the box and immediately start using it. I was surprised by how straightforward it was. Also the people at MyPress are really helpful. They take great personal pride in their product and are willing to do almost anything to help you. I had a couple of questions along the way, and when I called them up they took much more time than necessary to help me find my way. Truly amazing service.

  25. Trae

    Great product.. amazing taste.. the guys at My Press are great, actually received two calls from a gentleman from my press who was extremely helpful.. customer service is a huge deal with them.. you dont find that much anymore.. can’t wait to see future products from this company.. I would highly recommend.

  26. Verna McKelvy

    I like it’s Simplicity👍

  27. Greg

    Works good and fast shipping.

  28. Priscilla

    I love this product!!

    Customer service was superb!!

    Answered on first call and was extremely knowledgeable about the product!



  29. Cattie

    These guys answered every one of my questions and then some. topnotch service, would recommend to anyone!

  30. Saffron

    No problems just wanted to say I received the press with everything included. I have not gotten to use it as of yet but very excited for a friend has one that he uses daily. I have enjoyed his results so much I had to get one. After shopping everywhere to compare I believe this Press is the best. I will let you know. Thanks again for the speedy delivery. Pictures along with a follow up soon… 🙂 ( My ratings were on the one my friend has been using for a while. )

  31. Mary

    My son got this for me for my birthday. I’ve been in treatment and was having trouble finding what I needed. He got me the whole kit, every little bit and showed me how to use it all. I couldn’t be happier. At first it was all a bit intimidating but when I had questions I called and spoke to the people at the company and they were nice and polite and helped me figure it all out.

    They really cared about helping me get what I needed and took the time to answer all my questions. I’ve already been showing it off to my friends when they come over now.

  32. Brian Norris

    Love this product as well as fantastic customer service

  33. James

    Quick shipping, was givin the wrong shipping info originally contacted seller after noticing it went in the opposite direction, they contacted me within 4 hours with the proper shipping info, product is solid handle feels solid.

  34. Jacob Jones

    Love my Mypress and their customer service! Always works amazing, after about a year of owning and using pretty consistent I had something happen where after plugging in to heat up and going to grab my parchment paper in the other room and came back and it was shut off and won’t turn on, but I contacted the great people of Mypress and they said I just need send a couple pics and order ID and description of problem and I believe they are going to help me get it fixed! MyPress is a great way to go if you’re looking to start pressing solventless top quality personal concentrates easy as can be.

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