Glob Mops XL 2.0 (300 pcs.)


Keep your kit clean and looking brand new with 100% Pure Cotton Glob Mops XL 2.0. This convenient 300-swab pack is perfect for your luggage, travel, or rig case. High-quality Quartz products and accessories can show oxidation even after first use.

When operating at low temperatures, it is natural for some oil residue to remain on your device. Solve this problem easily using the “Q-tip Tech” by taking a Glob Mops brand bamboo cotton swab and absorbing the remaining oil from your Quartz nail or banger immediately following your low temp session.

Glob Mops Features:
100% Pure Cotton Swab
Extra absorbent 2.0 version
Bamboo stick
XL plastic travel case
Easy to use
2 different shaped tips

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Glob Mops XL 2.0

Each of the new GlobMops XL 2.0 has 3x more cotton than the original v.1 mops and extra-loose cotton for better absorption. With an added an extra 100 mops to the count, there is now a total of 300 mops per pack. More cotton than the leading brand.


Compared with the original version 1 cotton buds, Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0 have thrice the cotton, thus tripling its cleaning power! Clear away those excess oil, fluids, & residue in your paraphernalia & devices using just 1 of these bamboo cotton swabs, compared to using 3 or more regular cotton swabs.


Want to keep your quartz glasses & nifty devices clean while at the same time consciously taking care of the environment? With Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0, you certainly can! These are not your typical synthetic plasticky cotton buds – these are 100% organic cotton swabs made from biodegradable materials. Plus, these bamboo cotton swabs offer you the durability of natural wood, so say goodbye to snapping cotton swab sticks while cleaning!


Expertly designed to cover all cleaning needs, Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0 have 2 different tips – 1 sturdy pointed tip for hard to reach spots & 1 rounded super-absorbent tip to dab excess residue & fluids. Enhance your cleaning prowess with just a single cotton swab!


Having problems with pesky cotton residue when cleaning quartz glasses or small devices using typical cotton swabs? The makers of Glob Mops specifically solved this issue by winding the cotton buds 20x tighter than regular wooden cotton swabs, ensuring that the cotton remains on these bamboo cotton swabs, even after vigorous swabbing.


This bundle contains 6 packs of organic cotton swabs, with each container having 300 cotton buds each, for a total of 1,800 mops. This means you can clean your quartz glasses, gadgets, devices, & a lot more for 1,800 times. Need wooden cotton swabs on the go? Don’t worry, as Glob Mops come in a portable XL travel case, ready to venture with you any time!

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Glob Mops

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