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How do I calibrate My Rosin Press?

My Rosin Press is the best rosin press available to help save you time, money, and material with your home extractions. MyPress is designed around the goal of producing an efficient production of the safest, highest-quality oil using the careful application of heat, pressure and time. But how do you calibrate your new MyPress? We can help.

The MyPress is small, lightweight, portable and easy to calibrate. It’s easy to use, and minimal effort is required to operate it. With the adjustable temperature control and plate distance, it’s easy to produce industry-standard yields. With MyPress, the heat extraction method is solventless. This is a safe and ideal way to extract from any starting material. This means you’ll get an unadulterated, pure oil every time. 




You can adjust the plate height with the Plate-Height Adjustment Wrench located in the storage compartment on the back of the unit (see image to right). The Auto Shut Off Feature of MyPress is a great safety feature, as well. MyPress will automatically power down after 45 minutes after last use.

Adjusting the Plate Distance

When you get your new MyPress, we will have calibrated it for 1 to 1.5 grams of flower. From time to time or when pressing different starting materials, you will want to calibrate the plate distance. We would recommend that users look at their new press and feel how it locks without material, and then try to replicate that feeling when calibrating.

Calibrate the Plate Distance

If you do wish to recalibrate the plates, you’ll want to set the distance of the plates in relation to one another. To do so, use the pressure-adjusting wrench that comes with your MyPress. We offer a YouTube tutorial to help.

1) Make sure your Press is off and cooled fully before calibrating. If however, you need to calibrate the plates while the plates are warm, exercise additional caution not to contact the warm metal with your fingers. Raise the handle fully to separate the plates to allow for easy recalibration. You can use the pressure-adjusting wrench to turn the nut, above the top plate, to your right to raise the top plate slightly.

2) Next, lower the handle down into the locked position. In this position, your two plates should not be touching, even though the handle is down completely. Use the wrench to turn the nut to your left lowering the top plate. Continue until you the plates touch and the wrench reaches a natural stop in terms of resistance. This will result in the pressure between calibrated for 1 to 1.5 grams of flower.3) Remember to test the pressure without material between the plates. If you experience a greater degree of resistance than you did when you first received your unit, proceed to Step 4.

3) If you find the handle of MyPress will not go fully down into the locked position with a minimal degree of input from you, or it kicks back when you try, then the plates are calibrated to close together. In ¼ turn increments, adjust the nut by turning to the right to raise the plates until you are capable of closing the handle into the locked position while experiencing only a minimal degree of resistance.

Set the Temperature

Finally, you’ll want to set the temperature of your MyPress. The press will apply temperature with precise, digital control, in ten-degree increments. The perfect temperature will vary depending on your material. MyPress is designed to operate at highest efficiency with a gram to a gram-and-a-half of a flower. This specific amount allows the Press to form your material properly to efficiently maximize heat transfer. When this amount is pressed, your material will be formed into a “chip” that is the perfect thickness and surface area. By combining ideal surface area in contact with the plates with an optimal thickness of the “chip” the heat will move through your material quickly maximizing the efficiency of your extraction process.

When pressing with a new starting material, we recommend starting with a temperature of 220°F and a time of 60-90 seconds. Record your notes after extracting, e.g. flavor, color, texture, etc. After this, you may adjust your time and heat to retain a greater degree of terpene (flavor) retention. When you are satisfied that the process has completed, open the handle and remove your material to cool. The timer on the LCD will pause or “freeze” at the exact moment you opened the handle. The more information you choose to record, the easier it will be to dial-in the best settings for any future press of the same material.

Be aware, when you are pressing dense material you’ll want to slightly raise the top plate by turning the nut in quarter-turn increments to your right. Of course, it should still feel simple, easy, and effortless when you lock the press (similar to when there was no material between the plates).

There are a number of variables that can affect your results, so make sure to take notes every time and you’ll find it’s easy to account for each variable and ultimately get the best parameters for your material in no time.

Should you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. We’re always available to support you!

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