How to Make Rosin at Home

For DIY extraction and rosin enthusiasts, producing your own small-batch rosin at home is a safe, cost-effective alternative, when done correctly. Most rosin aficionados prefer a safe and healthy solventless method for personal, small-batch rosin production. In the quest to find the best methods to extract a quality concentration, it’s easy to consider using a hair straightener. There are several reasons to stay away from using a common beauty supply tool, from the hazards associated with handling a hot flat iron to the inconsistency of results and disappointing yields.

Serious at-home rosin connoisseurs understand the importance of investing in a rosin press to ensure repeatable, quality results.

The Benefits of “Pre-Pucking” for Pressing Rosin

Pre-pucking flower with a pollen press will make the process of the collection after extracting Rosin much easier to accomplish. Pre-forming your starting materials into a puck prior to pressing rosin is ideal to maintain consistency throughout your starting materials for increased repetition of results and smoother overall production with the best possible yield. Serious at-home rosin connoisseurs understand the importance of having the proper tools for the job. A digital scale, pollen press, and well-built rosin press will give you maximum results with minimal effort.

Rosin Pressed FAQ

At MyPress Solventless, we understand that making small batch quality rosin will include the consistency that you can only get from an industry-grade rosin press. With easy to use features like adjustable temp with an easy to read display, adjustable plate distance and best of all – no solvents needed! MyPress Solventless will produce industry standard yields with minimum effort. Please review the following MyPress Solventless rosin press FAQ and let us know if we can answer any other question.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Hair Straightener for a Rosin Press

DIY rosin enthusiasts, looking online for the best method to extract quality flower concentration with a high yield, are sure to have come across some questionable alternatives for producing small batches. While some may be tempted to extract their own person rosin supply with a hair straightener, this mostly uncharted territory begs these two questions: Is luck on your side? And, is it worth the risk of possibly ruining such an expensive ingredient with an implement designed for styling hair? The simple answer is no.

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